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Jason Mars, a Professor of Computer Science Provides Suggestions on Building New Skills at Home

During the COVID-era, many people are staying at home more due to so many closures around the country. Many people are choosing to use that time to build new skills. Jason Mars, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan provides recommendations for those who want to grow.

The two areas Jason Mars recommends focus on are the financial markets and technology.

Within the financial markets, Jason Mars explains that there are a number of things that a person should explore. He recommends that a person learns about how to make sound investments. For those who want to better themselves, Jason Mars explains that more people need to focus on their financial stability.

Jason Mars explains that too many people graduate high school or college without understanding the financial markets. As such, people make poor investments or fail to invest at all. The professor also explains that there’s a significant amount of technology that can help with banking and finance. Whether a person wants to store money in a savings account or begin trading stock, it starts with learning about the various options. Jason Mars recommends that people start by exploring interest rates and, then, moving into the learning about the up and coming industries that one can choose to invest in.

The other area where people should be taking the time to build their skills is within AI. As the founder of Clinc, a company that offers cutting edge AI, Jason Mars finds it important to know how technology is changing lives. When people invest time in learning about technology, they can learn how artificial intelligence is capable of improving one’s life and business.

Technology is changing the world, and the innovations are found in every industry, Jason Mars points out. Although he works predominantly with AI in the world of finance, he is quick to point out how technology can address a number of challenges. Clinc, his company, can be used in such industries as food service, automotive, and healthcare.

When people take the time to learn about technology, they have the ability to know about the latest innovations. They can understand some of the common acronyms tossed around in news stories, such as AI (Artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine learning), Jason Mars explains. It also allows people to find technology that can solve the problems that they deal with on a regular basis.

While people are sheltering in place and working to improve their knowledge base, Jason Mars recommends using various ways to learn about both finance and technology. There are various online courses available from colleges and universities. There are also webinars that people can find that focus on one specific topic.

Jason Mars suggests that people decide on what they want to learn. With e-books, webinars, and more available for the various topics, people can home in on a specific area. Then, as they learn, they may decide on subtopics that are of interest to them.

As many states look to close down what they have opened due to another spike in the COVID-19 numbers, this is a great time for people to reflect and focus on ways that they can learn more about important topics. Jason Mars identifies ways to explore finance, technology, and even technology in finance so that individuals can learn about ways to improve their lives. With the information they learn, it can help them obtain a greater level of financial stability and have more things to talk about with friends.


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