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Professor of Computer Science Jason Mars will speak at the upcoming FlyOver Tech Fest in October

Jason Mars is a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan and tech entrepreneur dedicated to solving real-world problems. The former employee of Google and Intel is set to speak at the FlyOver Tech Fest beginning on Oct. 1, 2020.

The festival will showcase Jason Mars and a long list of additional tech experts, entrepreneurs, industry executives, and more. The goal is to showcase the thriving tech community in fly-over parts of the country. Attendees will find stories and information on a number of tech and business topics, like how to scale your business, how to fundraise successfully, hiring talent, and more. The FlyOver Tech Fest is an event for anyone interested in learning from tech greats, like Mike Gozzo of Zendesk, Ben Milne of Dwolla, Sarah Hill of Helium, and scientist Jason Mars.

Jason Mars will be speaking on what it takes to get your revolutionary idea off the ground when you’re not in a major tech hub like Silicon Valley or New York City. His talk will be called, “A New Voice from a Strange Place in the AI Revolution.” Jason Mars plans to discuss the importance of mentorship from those who are more experienced and how valuable networking can be. He will discuss how to learn as much as possible from startups within your region, through research and meeting memberships of the team.

Jason Mars added that living in a flyover area, like southern Michigan, has its advantages. It can be easier to stand out, receive positive local press, and even locate more opportunities for government funding. Jason Mars explained that less competition means more attention can go directly to your company instead of being spread amongst countless others. He plans to emphasize that doing outstanding tech work doesn’t require being in a popular tech area on either of the country’s coasts, especially since the industry’s innovations are almost entirely online.

Jason Mars is an entrepreneur, scientist, professor, and inventor. At the FlyOver Tech Fest, he will explain what it takes to turn a novel idea with zero funding into a multi-million dollar business in a location like the American Midwest. Mars will offer the tips and tricks he used to find his success, such as being as transparent as possible with investors. Jason Mars explains that your relationship with your investors is as important as the money they invest. Becoming a successful company involves mentorship, coaching, and lifelong relationships.

The goal of Jason Mars‘ talk at the FlyOver Tech Fest is to encourage up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs to find mentorship, network, and use your unique location in a fly-over location to your advantage. He encourages attendees to log onto the website to book a place for the talk, which will begin at 10:00 a.m. (CST), on Oct. 1, 2020.

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