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During the past few years, there has been a lot of progress in the world of technology. Individuals such as Jason Mars are moving the entire industry forward with their research in this rapidly growing area. One of the top ways this field moves forward is with the help of professionals such as Jason Mars, who get their research published in renowned publications such as Micro and ISCA. By placing these articles in peer-reviewed papers, other professionals are able to take a look at the work, review it, and ensure that it is not only accurate but also provides ideas for future projects. When it comes to Computer Architecture and Computer Systems, Micro and ISCA are the two most respected publications and are considered the most selective and prestigious venues to publish research papers in the area. Jason Mars is now in the Hall of Fame for both of them.

Jason Mars Discusses His Most Recent Work

While Jason Mars has been in the Hall of Fame for the ISCA for quite some time, he recently added the Micro Hall of Fame to his list of honors. He recently submitted a paper to Micro titled “A Benchmarking Framework for Interactive 3D Applications in the Cloud,” which is slated to be published in Micro in 2020. With many people waiting eagerly to see what topics he is going to explore in this paper, 3D applications have been a major area of research during the past few years. With consumer expectations and customer demands rising, engineers have been working hard to find a way to marry 3D applications to the world of cloud computing. By exploring a potential benchmarking framework, this has the potential to move the entire field forward.

Jason Mars Discusses 3D Applications

Professionals such as Jason Mars have been exploring 3D applications for quite some time. Now, with a peer-reviewed research paper that lays out how 3D applications can be joined with the cloud, this is an area of research that could become mainstream. Some of the biggest benefits of working with 3D applications include:

  • It is possible to achieve faster application development times, which lead to major returns on investment
  • 3D cloud solutions allow everyone to accelerate their workflows via mobile and global accessibility
  • 3D applications lead to dynamic scaling of cloud implementation
  • 3D components are optimized for the cloud, leading to improved processes and reduced computer resource idling

These benefits are going to be key in driving this field forward.

Jason Mars Discusses the Future of the Cloud

Today, it is hard to imagine a world where people did not have regular access to the internet and everything that it provides. Already, the cloud has proven to be an invaluable resource both for personal and professional use. Now, people like Jason Mars are trying to explore how the cloud is going to move the entire world forward.

One of the biggest areas in which the cloud might find an important application has to do with remote working. Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and trends that were taking place in workforces all over the world, many people have been working remotely, and this is a trend that is likely to continue even after the pandemic is controlled. Cloud applications are going to play a critical role, as they provide everyone with the ability to share information virtually, back up their files, and distribute information without having to rely on long email chains. Jason Mars is sure to play a critical role in the exploration and development of cloud technology moving forward. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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