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Jason Mars Inspires Entrepreneurs in the Flyover States with a Call To Action

Many people are looking to build their business from the ground up, try something new, or take that next big step. It can be challenging facing the prospect of change, and it is nothing wrong with being nervous. At the same time, success is about overcoming those fears, having faith in yourself, and taking that next step forward. This is where Jason Mars helps. As a Professor of Computer Science and the founder of a startup company, Clinic, he understands the challenges new entrepreneurs face today. Recently, he held a talk and discusses the growth of technology, his company, conversational AI, and the growth of startups and small businesses today.

Jason Mars on the Rapid Growth of Technology
There has been an explosion in technological advancement in recent years. Computers are getting more powerful than ever, and even our smartphones have more power than technology from only a few years ago. Jason Mars has seen the growth of this technology firsthand. Right now, Jason Mars knows that it is an exciting time to be in the tech field. Therefore, he has wanted to become more involved in technology growth and decided to explore AI’s role.

Jason Mars Discusses the Potential of Artificial Intelligence
AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is one of the most exciting tech field areas right now. Jason Mars has already seen the potential of AI for himself. He knows that artificial intelligence is just the next offshoot of automation technology, which is already used to expedite numerous business technologies and processes that used to be handled by hand. One of the ways AI is growing is through something called conversational AI. This is where his company, Clinc, is focused.

Jason Mars Talks About the Challenges Facing Conversational AI
Jason Mars has encountered several challenges facing conversational AI. Even with all of these tech advancements, it has been hard to develop something that can truly interact with people conversationally. Jason Mars believed in himself and developed the world’s first conversational AI applied in the banking sector. While this technology was not without its problems, he was able to see his technology come to life. As a voice-activated virtual assistant, it was able to streamline numerous business processes, leading to a shift in the banking industry that will have a major impact on the financial world in the future.

Jason Mars Indulges on the Hard Truth of Constructive Criticism and the Importance of Evolution
While he is excited to see his vision come to life, he also knows that starting a business is not easy. He went through a lot of hard times and faced down a lot of challenges along the way. Even though it is easy for people to continue forward when they start facing a lot of constructive criticism, it is more important to stand tall, take this criticism, and evolve. When people take the time to provide constructive feedback, they believe in the founder, investor, or inventory. This will lead to success.

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